Noted Historian, Rana Safvi visits Kalinjar Fort

Recently noted Delhi historian and Author Rana Safvi visited Kalinjar Fort and written a beautiful blog of her experience; here is what she exclaims:

Rana Safvi
Rana Safvi

Kalinjar Fort is one of the gems of the country. It lies in Banda District of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh. Built by the Chandela rulers ( 9th to 13th century AD) the Fort proved as worthy as its name- The destroyer of time . It is one of the few forts that repulsed the invasions of Mahmud Ghazni.
We were on a visit to Khajuraho and had decided that visiting Kalinjar was a must. More information about this is on the website It is 130 km away from Khajuraho. For visitors to Khajuraho my advice would be to keep a day for this beauty too. And yes you will require a day and dont get taken in by guides who advise you to combine Panna and Kalinjar as they lie on the same route.”


Her detailed travelogue includes various Photos and Information for Tourist coming from Khajuraho.

Thanks Rana!

Click here to read Full Travelogue…

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