111 antique coins found Near Kalinjar Fort, Banda district

The district of Banda, that lies to the south of the Yamuna river in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh is in the news after 111 antique coins were discovered. News agency ANI reported of the discovery of 111 antique coins. The coins were discovered during a portion of ground was being dug up at Kajitola village near Baberu. The coins were found in Kajitola under Marka police station limits. The coins have been kept at the police station for now. The coins were reportedly recovered from a pot during an excavation conducted as part of some MNREGA work.

Villagers were reported to have recovered the coins first, and deposited it to the safe keeping of Police officials. Police officials in turn have informed the finding to officials of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Courtesy: ANI, Twitter

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